Precision and Reproducibility

Precision is a key attribute of any clamping system. INNGRIT’s Zero-Point Clamping System boasts an exclusive patented floating mechanism which differentiates itself from traditional clamping technologies. As the slider is being pulled down, the floating mechanism tightens it, achieving a centre repeat accuracy of 0.005mm. INNGRIT’s Zero-Point Clamping System also automatically compensates for the wear and tear caused by repeated use.

Make Speed a Standard

Efficiency is crucial in today’s fast and competitive market. INNGRIT’s 2-Chucks (φ62-type) clamping module is capable of achieving a pull-down force of 800-1,000 kg per chuck, making it an industry leader for lateral force. This clamping module maximizes production time via the standardization of the quick-change pallet. An increase in production time directly results in substantial financial savings.

Quality at First Sight

INNGRIT’s Zero Clamp System was designed with more than a utilitarian purpose in mind. It also features a stunning appearance, with every curve and detail taken into consideration.

Designed for Longevity

INNGRIT’s R & D team took months to perfect the alloy balance, achieving high wear resistance, toughness, strength and hardness, enabling it to withstand the pressures of day-to-day operation. This ensures that the INNGRIT’s Zero Point system will be a reliable partner on the production line for years to come.

Custom Products

(M50-Buried)Zero Point Clamp-(Hydraulic+Internal Floating Ejector)

(M50-Buried)Zero Point Clamp-(Pneumatic+Internal Floating Ejector)

One Chuck-ø120-Custom Embedded Zero Point Clamp-(Pneumatic+Internal Floating Ejector)

One Chuck -ø120-Custom Flange Zero Point Clamp-(Pneumatic+Internal Floating Ejector)

One Chuck-ø62-Custom Zero Point Clamp-(hydraulic+Internal Floating Ejector)

One-Chuck-ø62-Custom Zero Point Clamp-(Pneumatic+Internal Floating Ejector)

Two Chuck Custom Horizontal Column Zero Point Clamp (ø120)-Pneumatic

Two Chuck-ø62-Custom Zero Point Clamp -(Hydraulic+Internal Floating Ejector)

Two Chuck-ø62-Custom Zero Point Clamp-(Pneumatic+Internal Floating Ejector)

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